Motif No. 1


Last year my wife and I took a trip up the New England coast.  We enjoyed sailing at Newport, Rhode Island, Nantucket Island and Kennebunkport Maine.  Along the way I decided to make a stop at Rockport, Massachusetts.  There’s a beautiful harbor there.  I wanted to find someplace with boats in it and I’ve painted several from that location.  Rockport’s well known trademark is a red shack on Bearskin Neck Wharf.  It’s known and recognized all over the world.  It is the most painted structure in America and has been named “Motif No. 1.”  I guess I had to be like thousands of other painters who’ve used it in my art.  I had no idea it was so famous when I saw it and only found out about it’s fame when I finished the painting.

Comments on Motif No. 1

October 19, 2017

Chuck @ 3:47 am #

Wow! Thats cool!