Geist MarinaThis is a demo for an art class I’m teaching.  It’s at Geist Reservoir, northeast of Indianapolis, Indiana.  I’ve tried to create drama by the strong contrast of the dark trees against the background of the boats in the marina.  The fall leaves are a complimentary color next to the boats and water.


Oranges, apple and bananasI’ve been having my classes paint still-life paintings and I figured I should do one, also.  I always use a lamp to give a highlight and shadow.  This makes the painting more dramatic.  It is important to break down the individual shapes seen in each object, then paint the actual color seen in those shapes.  Contrast is very important, also.  I’ve got a dark background which really brings out the other parts of the picture.


image (51)Born in Utah from a Salvadorian mother and an Anglo father, Karla moved with her family to El Salvador when she was three years old. When she was almost eleven years old the family moved to Honduras, where she grew up and married a Honduran named Luis Alonso Hernandez. In 1995, she and her small family moved to the USA with her parents and siblings. She and her husband have three children. Being bilingual, Karla is a successful business woman in Hispanic advertising, acting, modeling, and as spokesperson for several organizations.


image (37)

I have a wildflower garden right outside my studio window.  It’s magic.  Beautiful birds visit it every day.  What I really love are the butterflies.  They are one of  God’s most beautiful creations.  I can’t imagine any person being able to design anything any better.  The painting has the butterfly and the cone flower  painted very clearly, while the rest is blurred.  This gives the illusion of depth — the butterfly and flower are in the front, the rest of the scene is behind them.


commissionA few weeks ago I was approached by a businessman about doing a commission.  A partner in the company was going to retire, and I was asked to do a painting as a retirement gift.  The retiree had been involved selling business buildings.  I was asked to do a painting with several of them he had been involved with.  I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I could portray them together.  This is the retiree with the painting I did.

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Ailithir McGill

This portrait  is Ailithir McGill, the director of Nickel Plate Arts.  Nickel Plate Arts is an art center created by Hamilton County Tourism, Inc. Their mission is to build community around the arts in each of the six towns along the Nickel Plate Railroad from Fishers to Tipton, Indiana by supporting, promoting, and providing outstanding arts experiences. They offer great experiences for art lovers, artists, students and corporate partners who care about the arts.

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Every year I do a portrait of my wife, Norene.  This time I’ve tried to be free with my brush strokes.  I’ve been teaching my art students about the techniques of the impressionists and decided do the painting the same way.  The dark background on the left give a contrast to the face, creating a much more dramatic feel.