Portrait Commissions

Portraits are my favorite paintings. There’s something about an oil portrait that a photo just can’t match. It is priceless. There is a magic to it and it will last for centuries. It will be an heirloom for your family.

I can do portraits from your photos, although I like to meet the subject. I usually work from sketches and photos that I take. I do a color study to present to you before actually beginning the portrait.

Portrait commissions are paid half up front, with the balance due upon delivery and when you are satisfied with the painting. Travel expenses, framing costs, shipping fees and any state or city sales tax, where applicable, are additional.

$400 – Small Head and Shoulder
$800 – Larger Head and Shoulder
$1200 – 3/4 Length
$2400 – Full Length
$5000 – Grand Portrait

CONTACT ME with questions or to make an appointment.

Click on the images below to view samples of my portrait commissions:

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