Work in Progress 2


work-in-progress-21The cars are more defined; buildings show up, color is in the streets and lights. Basically, there’s a whole lot more emotion in the painting. I’ve moved from shapes and values to expressing the way I feel.

Watch out for the finished product in the next post or two.

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February 20, 2009

Christine Roach @ 11:05 pm #

I’m loving it, especially the streetlights.

February 22, 2009

Ashley @ 5:37 pm #

i love that painting! u r such a talented artist and i am proud 2 have u for my grandpa!! i hope that u will do many more posts like this because it is so interesting 2 c how u do u it!!!! i heart u so much!!!!!

February 24, 2009

Susie @ 5:22 pm #

It’s great to see your progress on this. I like the way the buildings have come to life – and I see that everything has softer edges and warmer colors. I wish I could see all of your paintings in progress.

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