The center of Indianapolis is Monument Circle. The Soldier’s and Sailor’s Monument is there, with a red brick road going around it. Indianapolis is known as The Circle City because of it.

My painting is of that area. The woman stands next to the road, waiting for cars to go by. It is raining. I have tried to show the wet road with reflections of headlights. I have also used atmospheric perspective – the cars that are closer are portrayed larger, the ones further back are painted smaller.

This is a romantic area. Two of my children were engaged here. Horse carriages take passengers around here and through the city at night.

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March 2, 2008

Linda Lucas @ 4:51 pm #

My husband Jim Lucas proposed to me at the circle and my son Edgar Lucas proposed to his wife Juliana at the circle. it has a special place in our hearts. I had a charm on my bracelet of the monument. I gave it to Juliana.
Linda Lucas

Jennifer @ 6:51 pm #

This picture gives me a lot of fond memories, too. I love downtown Indianapolis, even in the rain!!

March 3, 2008

Christine @ 7:52 am #

I think this painting is very fun. I love the woman with the umbrella. I know exactly where that painting takes place. It is one of my favorite places in Indiana. Before I moved here and would come visit, I was always excited to be able to go to the circle and all the other beautiful places downtown.

Nicole @ 5:54 pm #

I love this painting so much. Any painting with Mommy in it is magical. I obviously have wonderful memories there. This painting makes me miss you and it soooooo much!!!

March 10, 2008

Susie @ 7:19 pm #

LOVE this one! The red umbrella and the red brick road, along with the reflections on the wet road are wonderful!!

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