My wife and I had lived in Indiana for only a short time. I wanted to drive up north to see Notre Dame University in South Bend and the shore of Lake Michigan. She wasn’t interested. I tried to talk her into going up there several times. Finally  I just said we were going, no matter what.

We loved the university. We ate in their very cool cafeteria. Then we headed to Indiana Dunes, the state park right at the lake. There were huge sand dunes. We loved jumping down from them, but the most wonderful thing was the view of Lake Michigan. It was in the late fall and it was cold enough to wear jackets, but Norene just had to take her shoes off and go wading and dancing in the water. She loved it. I did too, and had to paint her enthusiasm.

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March 6, 2008

Heather W. @ 10:43 pm #

You’re right. She does do a good job of being dignified. It’s nice to know she gets to be silly sometimes. Lovely painting!

March 7, 2008

Jennifer @ 8:24 am #

The two best things about this painting are the tones of grey that give the painting a definite feeling of being overcast and chilly and the magic of childlike freedom and joy.

Christine @ 9:41 am #

This is a cute painting of how I truly think of my mommy.

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