A Piece From the Past


college-pieceThis painting is from my advanced figure painting class when I was a student at the University of Utah.  The model was in a low-light setting.  You will notice that only the essentials are portrayed — the eyes, nose and mouth.  She is basically silhouetted.  The eyes are in a shadow, so only the eyelid is shown.  Note the highlights on the eyelid, the nose and chin. The back wall is painted light, giving contrast to the figure.  The top part of her body is lighted, but the other is in shadow.  The shadow  is one dark shape.

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August 1, 2009

Christine Roach @ 8:08 am #

That painting is great. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.

August 2, 2009

Jennifer @ 4:12 pm #

I loved the commentary in your email!

Susie @ 7:38 pm #

The highlights on this are excellent. I didn’t realize you were so good at this when you were still a student! No wonder you are a master now!!

August 22, 2009

Tom, Harold was so excited when he got home Thurs. night. He throughly enjoyed what you did with the color samples and I think you opened a new door for him. He has struggled so with color mixing. What has made it even more frustrating for him is I seem to be able to mix color easier than he can. Again, thank you for giving him confidence. And I love his portrait–you surely did capture him in such a short time. And he has form and substance! We do appreciate what you do in class. Janice

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