A Very Quick Pastel Portrait


Over the past several weeks I have suffered a lot of problem with my legs.  They are very painful and I can barely move.  I’m scheduled to have a surgery on May 17th.  Because of my inablity to walk, I’m unable to work in my studio.  This drives me insane!

I got a sketch pad and some pastels and drew a quick self portrait while trying to relax in my bedroom.  Here it is.  It certainly isn’t what I’d normally do.  I have some exciting cityscapes and landscapes in my studio, but they’ll have to wait.  You’ll have to look at this sketch.  By the way, you can use hair-spray as a fixative on pastel.


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May 6, 2010

Christine @ 3:44 pm #

I’m so glad you used your pastels while your stuck in your bed. I enjoy everything you ever do, and with all art, I don’t think anything is bad, it’s just a different expression or point of view for the day. Seriously, though, this is a great sketch of yourself, even without considering the circumstances.

janice shaeffer @ 10:50 pm #

We certainly pray that you will fine relief from your pain. Please let us know if we can be of help during this time. We will keep you and Norene in our prayers. Janice

Susie @ 11:15 pm #

I’m always amazed that your quick drawings actually look like your subject. When you are doing a self-portrait, I’m extra wowed! While I will miss new paintings from you for the time being, I am thrilled that you finally have a diagnosis and surgery scheduled. You need to have good legs to run everywhere you want to in life. Good luck!!!

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