A Woman’s Portrait



This is a portrait from my last one-man show.  It was mostly the face.  The top and sides of her hair are cut off, giving the emphasis to her facial features.  Note the highlights in her eyes, on her nose, and on her bottom lip.  The cheekbones are emphasised, as well as shadow and light.  The necklace is visable, but not prominent.  I just want you to get to know her.

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April 25, 2008

Jennifer @ 6:58 am #

The eyes and facial structure on this model are stunning and seem to be the focal point. Her eyes just seem to draw you in!

Christine @ 7:36 am #

You did a great job of showing her essence. You can tell what kind of person she is by the way you portrayed her beautiful eyes and smile.

Margaret @ 11:41 am #

Faces always fascinate me as well. The pen sketch you did of me as we sat in a restaurant in the south is framed and in my computer room. I am always intrigued as I have opportunity watching you give birth to what your mind’s eyes are telling you!

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