After Dinner


The first gallery that represented me in Indianapolis was 4 Star Gallery on Massachusetts Avenue. I really liked that street because it ran diagonally southwest towards downtown. At night the buildings of the city were lit up, so I loved the view. I wanted to do a painting that would give the feelings I felt.

I’ve painted the sidewalks an amber color because the streetlights give off a yellow glow. I have yellow highlights in the hair of the people. The other streetlights have a halo around them to portray the shining of the bulbs. The top of the buildings and their windows are painted white to give the image of them being lit up, and there are two red traffic lights which reflect on the cars. The tree in the top right is black except for the branches that are close to the lights, and they are lit up.

The sidewalk is drawn in with one point perspective. It is wider at the front, which gives a feeling of depth.

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November 13, 2008

Christine @ 10:55 am #

I have always loved this painting. It gives me the same feeling of excitement I used to get when I would go out with friends or on dates at night in Indianapolis.

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