Afternoon Lunch


I’d spent the morning with my three daughters. We had fixed breakfast over a camp stove in Brown County State Park. After we ate, we threw the Frisbee around. Our next destination was Nashville. There were a lot of fun shops and galleries to check out. By this time we were starved. We stopped at a little restaurant for lunch.

I tried to create the mood by not being too photorealistic, but more impressionistic. Jennifer, on the left, is reflected in the mirror to the left of her. Sarah checks out the menu, while Nicole enjoys visiting. I painted the window a whitish yellow and matched the same color in Jennifer’s hair, showing reflection. It continues down to the table below it. To the right on that table can be seen the reflection of the chair below it. Sarah and Nicole are lit up on their left side by the window with a shadow on the right. The painting shows the cozy warmth of being sisters together.

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December 13, 2008

Jennifer @ 8:18 pm #

That is a really fun memory. The warmth of the colors in the painting convey the feeling I have when I think of time spent with my sisters who are all my best friends.

December 14, 2008

Christine @ 1:30 am #

I love the tables with the light shining off of them, and of course I love this painting because it makes me think of happy times with my daddy.

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