Afternoon Sun


Afternoon Sun.jpg

I just finished painting this picture. It really shows my artistic personality. It really flowed when I painted it because it is MY type of painting.

This is in Greek Town in Detroit. I have tried to show the intensity of the afternoon sunlight. With the sun nearly overhead the road and the sidewalk both appear almost white. The woman is backlit. Notice the highlights on the back of her legs and on the man’s arms. There are shadows from the people, the truck, and the flags that are hung over the road. Sunlight highlights the yellow vest on the man. The painting is done with strong one-point perspective, giving the impression of depth – you can walk into the picture and down the street.

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November 18, 2007

Nicole @ 8:59 am #

This painting is really pretty! Love you!

Michelle @ 5:19 pm #

I like this one! And where would I be walking on the street towards?

Jennifer @ 5:22 pm #

Awesome!! I love it. It turned out really nice. I love the contrasts and the shadows. The shadows themselves are interesting, with possibly reflected light within the shadows?

Christine @ 6:08 pm #

I can definitely see the intensity of the sunlight. You did a great job on this painting. I think your cityscapes are some of my favorite. Do I say that about all of your paintings? Haha. You’re just so good at everything.

Jan @ 6:47 pm #

This past week I went to a fabulous Greek Restaurant in a little city near Tampa Bay, Florida. It was a bright, warm, sunny day just like your painting, Tom. We ate outside just like the locals do…and I smuggled Baklava on the plane. I enjoy looking at all the shadows, highlights, and small details like the leaves of the trees. This painting has a huge personality, Tom!

November 19, 2007

Heather Weaver @ 4:31 pm #

Beautiful! I love the white space in the front. Looks very bright and light!

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