” . . . i reviewed the dvd as requested. your palette is not to my taste and i would not be interested in representing your work . . .”

This is an actual e-mail I received this week. I had been trying to find a new gallery to represent me. Almost all galleries in Indiana are interested only in paintings of barns and trees. It has really bothered me in the past. That is one reason I have gone out of state to places like Detroit and Milwaukee. Recently, I have made peace with myself. I know I must be true to myself and paint what I like, and do it in my style.

This painting is REALLY a Tom Slack piece. I’m not trying to be like every other artist in Indiana — I’m just letting it flow. I love doing buildings. I adore linear and atmospheric perspective. To me, a great painting has a lot of contrast in values. Putting a person in it gives it relevance. I hope you love this painting as much as I do. I just finished it fifteen minutes ago.

By the way, I’m still interested in a new gallery . . . any takers?

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November 15, 2008

Christine @ 10:12 pm #

Wow! This painting is so amazing and very visually interesting!

November 16, 2008

Nicole @ 10:26 am #

The buildings are really neat in this painting. Good job

Susie @ 3:47 pm #

I’m SO glad you haven’t caved into the barn/trees mentality! That’s one of the reasons I love your paintings so much. They are much more interesting than others, with all of the specialized painting techniques you use – and you know how to explain everything you do. Maybe that’s why others paint barns and trees. They don’t have to explain how to paint a leaf.

Todd @ 3:52 pm #

Tom, this is so striking. I absolutely love it. The color, perspective, and subtle lighting make it really rich.

As goes the email you received from that gallery, obviously your work would be out of place there anyway. You put lipstick on a pig, well, you know… :-)

December 4, 2008

Shelly @ 9:34 am #

Tom…THIS is why I love your paintings. I will never understand what is wrong with Indiana and the barn mentality. Not to mention how flat and boring so many of those paintings are. Good for them for drawing a straight line…this does not make an artist. Let me also make the point (without saying names) that more than one “art” establishment in Indiana is run by people with NO art background at all!

July 20, 2010

Angel @ 12:01 am #

This is one of my many favorites. The colors are pretty subtle and almost monochomatic. I also like the plays of shadows.

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