I absolutely love reflections in water. One evening I was in Madison, Indiana, right along the Ohio River. There was a fantastic sunset – the sky was yellow and it reflected in the water. There were some boats docked. Against the yellow they were almost a silhouette. There were very few other colors. I just loved the magic that these colors created. I hope that  sharing this painting with you will create the same emotion I felt.

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February 21, 2008

Christine @ 7:04 am #

I think I have too many favorites of your paintings…but this is definitely one of them. I love when you have this painting hanging somewhere I can see it because it relaxes me and makes me feel calm.

February 25, 2008

Jan @ 10:53 pm #

There’s something very calming about the stillness and solitude of being near the water at dusk. You did a good job of replicating the feeling of inner peace, Tom.

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