Ball-Point Pen Portrait


Norene in Pen.jpg

To become good at most things takes a lot of practice.  This would include playing the piano, singing, dancing, and art.  I draw four or five portraits per day.  Quite often I am using a ball-point pen.  I find that if I can draw well, my painting does well.  Also I’ve found I do much better doing a portrait from a live person than a photograph.  People have asked me to draw from a photo, but this method is rarely satisfying because the photos usually  are flat looking, have no dimension to the face, and are just too hard to read.  I recommend doing at least a half hour of drawing practice every day, and to draw from life.

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July 24, 2008

Susie @ 9:31 am #

What a beautiful portrait! I am amazed that you can get such detail with a ball-point pen!! Who would have ever thought that such an acccomplished artist would still be practicing every day? Such good advice for art–and life.

Barb @ 5:14 pm #

Tom, your art is magnificent. I love all the drawings and paintings you have done of Norene. Your true gift is that they show the deep love you feel for her, every single one. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady!

July 26, 2008

Christine @ 7:22 am #

I think it is so neat to see you constantly drawing people with whatever you have at hand, whether it’s on the back of a program or in a notebook, with charcoal, pencil or ballpoint pen. That to me is the mark of someone that loves their craft.

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