Barricades on Market Street



This is another Indianapolis cityscape.  It is from an icy winter day when west Market Street was under construction.  You can see the one-point linear perspective.  Everything flows to the front-center of the State Capitol building.  The road is wide towards the viewer, then narrows to the point.  The buildings on each side narrow down the closer they get to the same location.  Notice light and shadow on buildings and cars.  You can feel as though you are walking down the street.

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June 9, 2008

Jennifer @ 9:03 pm #

I love the colors in this painting. They definitely evoke a feeling of frosty air!

June 10, 2008

Sarah @ 6:50 am #

Brrr! It looks cold! I love the lamp, how you painted the glass. Another amazing cityscape.

Christine @ 11:28 am #

So, I never even noticed the barricades in this painting until I saw the title because I have always been so engrossed by your beautiful buildings and the great way that you show light and shadow.

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