Brayden’s Sketch


braydens-sketch1Our grandson, Brayden, had been over to our house for a visit. Before he left, I asked if he’d like me to draw his portrait. It took about ten minutes. This photo shows his reaction to it.You need to know that while I drew it, the view of his face was slighly higher than the photo of him here. The drawing shows his jawline, nose, and mouth at a little different angle than the photo of him,so I was looking up at his face when I drew it.

When I draw a face I first do a basic head shape, then put a line down the center where the nose goes. Next I find the line where the eyes appear, which is near the middle. Halfway between the eyes and the bottom of the chin is where the bottom of the nose goes, then halfway between there and the chin is where the bottom of the lip would be. I actually draw in the shapes of the shadows as well as the facial features.

I always have my sketchbook handy and draw anyone I can. It is a lot less expensive than hiring a model.

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January 4, 2010

Sarah @ 6:27 pm #

What a handsome model!

January 9, 2010

Teri @ 5:55 pm #

Tom….as always, I love this work…and without ever even meeting this little boy Brayden, I adore him…what a little gentleman. The work, typical of what you always do, brings out the very best in his looks and features. Now Mom & Dad have another prize to frame for somewhere special in their home..=)

January 15, 2010

Christine @ 8:08 pm #

Very good sketch! It’s always fun to see what your fast moving fingers come up with. :)

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