Bridport Harbour



A  few years ago I went with my wife and her parents and my mother to visit Britain. Our ancestors are from there. We had researched where many of them lived. We went from England to Wales and Scotland. It was a very emotional experience to find our where our families were from.

One of the areas where many of them were born was Dorsetshire along the southern coast of England.  Many were from Broadwindsor, while others were from Bridport. We stopped in Bridport. I have always loved boats and the sea, so it was especially exciting to me. I have tried to portray the view I had of the many fishing boats. You can see the reflections of the boats in the water, as well as the water reflecting back on the boats.

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February 11, 2008

Nicole @ 9:15 pm #

I love all the paintings with water in them. Good job!

February 12, 2008

Christine @ 5:01 am #

Of course you know this is one of my favorites. I have the great pleasure of looking at the original every day. In fact, I am looking happily at it right now feeling blessed that it is mine.

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