DSCN2092This is Brooke, a model who posed for a portrait class I have been teaching, and what is shown is the demo I did for the class.  The first class sessions dealt strictly with the drawing of the face — placement of the facial features.  Next was the structure of the face  – using a plastic skull to learn the anatomy of the head.  Last, we practiced drawing the specific items, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.  Each class, the students drew each other.

After they  had learned to draw the face correctly with pencil, it was on to the actual oil painting.  With live models, the faces were drawn on the canvas.  Next came the mixing of skin colors.  Lastly, the “tweaking” of the painting to finish it up.

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May 19, 2015

Mom @ 5:35 pm #

What a beautiful painting! You are doing such great teaching and the model picture shows your artistic ability.

Lauri @ 10:12 pm #

Beautiful! I wish I lived close enough to take one of your classes!

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