This painting is of the first miracle Jesus performed. You can read about it in John 2:1-11. There was a marriage in the city of Cana in Galillee. Mary, the mother of Jesus was there, and Jesus and his disciples attended. They wanted wine, but Mary told them it was gone. Jesus said, “Woman, what have I to do with thee?  Mine hour is not yet come.”  John 2:4.

Mary told the servants to do whatever Jesus told them to do. He told them to fill six water pots with water, so they filled them to the brim. They took them to the governor of the house. The ruler of the feast, when referring to the wine, was surprised they had saved the best wine for last, since the custom was to serve the best first. He was unaware that Jesus had turned the water into wine.

I wanted to portray the festive feeling of a wedding, so the two men at the right are enjoying a conversation. Mary is showing Jesus that the pitcher of wine is empty. My daughter, Sarah, made the costumes that appear in the painting. She also is the person who portrays Mary. I had three friends come pose for the others.

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June 8, 2011

Sarah @ 8:32 pm #

It was really neat to be involved in this painting. The finished product is more beautiful than I imagined. The colors are so vibrant. I love the table, the hands, the pitcher, the depth. It turned out wonderful!

Susie @ 8:40 pm #

This literally took my breath away when I first saw it. I think this could possibly be the best you’ve ever done! It is absolutely beautiful, Tom.

Todd @ 8:44 pm #

Wow, Tom, this is astonishing. This may sound odd, but the colors are so rich I can practically hear them in an orchestral sort of way. Bravo!

Margaret @ 8:49 pm #

Magnificent! Amazing! You have achieved such a tremendous “telling” of that first miracle of Jesus. The colors absolutely sing. Your characters are so real. Clothing, goblets, pitcher, facial features. I congratulate you!

Larraine @ 8:54 pm #

I love it!

Aunt Josie @ 8:58 pm #

Tom, the picture is so beautiful. It touches my heart. Thank you!

Becky @ 10:04 pm #

You really have captured and painted their expressions in a way to make the painting feel so real.

Christine @ 10:05 pm #

You should be very proud of this one. I love it and what it portrays.

Jennifer @ 10:17 pm #

Wow! This is really beautiful! I can’t believe how far you have brought it along since I saw it on Memorial day. It looks so finished, elegant, even, and the colors just sing!

June 9, 2011

Angie @ 12:01 am #

This is a great picture. I love the series of pictures you have painted about Christ. In my opinion, they are very unique. I love your art portraying the Savior’s life. Nice job!

Nicole @ 11:31 am #

Looks great!

June 14, 2011

Joanna @ 9:24 pm #

It’s lovely.

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