Canal Stroll


This is a scene along the canal in downtown Indianapolis. It is beautiful at night because the city is reflected in the water.

I’ve painted windows into the dark background giving an illusion of a building straight ahead. That is what is actually seen. Your mind fills in the picture. I’ve used linear perspective – the canal is wider at the bottom than the top, giving the illusion of depth. The reflections are just squiggle lines directly below lighted areas. The couple walking on the right are painted with muted colors and very little detail. Again, your mind completes the scene.

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April 10, 2011

Jennifer @ 11:15 pm #

I love this one! It is so different. It really captures the feeling of the canal walk at night. I really love that area. I think my favorite part is the two figures on the sidewalk.

April 11, 2011

Chuck @ 1:04 am #

Beautiful painting. I love city lights and reflections in the water.

Sharon @ 2:09 am #

I have never seen a painting like this before. It was an entirely new experience looking at this picture. Night paintings are usually not at all like this. I can’t exactly put my finger on what’s different though, but this painting really stands out and is one that I will remember and has become one of my favorites.

Donna @ 7:01 am #

I love night scenes. You captured the canal as it really feels at night! Thanks for sharing and making us feel something.

Jared @ 7:15 am #

I love nights at the canal walk. You really captured it.

Sarah @ 7:40 am #

I have so many good memories here. This painting proves again that you can paint night scenes and reflection like no one else. Good job!

Christine @ 9:15 am #

Wow! That is awesome!

Susie @ 11:06 am #

The reflections are spectacular! Todd and I walked along this canal when we visited Indianapolis and it’s such a beautiful place. You have done a marvelous job painting a night scene. The couple on the walkway gives it a romantic feel.

Angie @ 12:08 pm #


Todd @ 2:22 pm #

Stunning, Tom.

Ashley @ 4:51 pm #

I’ve never seen you paint one like this! I really like it! The colors are beautiful and the reflections are really interesting. I love it!

April 18, 2011

Michelle @ 12:20 am #

Love this one.

April 29, 2011

Margaret @ 6:11 pm #

Your beautiful painting makes me want to go back to Indy and take that wonderful Canal Walk again. Such memories!

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