I’ve been an avid fan of the canoe for many years.  I’ve paddled down a lot of rivers and have enjoyed floating on many lakes.  One early morning in Utah I slowly crept up on a moose standing in the water.  On an evening in Idaho I watched a six-point buck walk to the water, look around, then bend down to drink from the lake.  I’ve caught thousands of trout, bass, crappies and bluegill while sitting in my canoe.

I have tried to portray motion in this painting.  The faces aren’t clearly rendered.  Ripples come from the back of the boat.  Reflections  of unseen trees are in the water, and the canoe and it’s inhabitants are mirrored below.  It makes me want to head out to the river right now!

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May 6, 2008

Jennifer @ 7:07 am #

There is nothing more relaxing than the soft rocking of a canoe. I loved the commentary. It brought back lots of good memories.

Nicole @ 10:21 am #

You are great at painting water. We have had a lot of fun in Leaky Louise and in your red canoe!

dirty old man fullmer @ 5:56 pm #

Hey Tom. Where is the girl in the bikini?

Chuck Slack @ 9:54 pm #

Wow. That picture really captures the gentle, but exiting feeling of floating in a canoe!

May 7, 2008

Christine @ 6:21 am #

This is a great painting. I have never seen it before. I love the water. You are so great at painting water. Of course I also like the subject matter because it is a big part of my happy childhood.

May 8, 2008

Heather @ 9:47 am #

The story in your e-mail is as good as the painting! :-)

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