Carly 007

This is Carly Berrett. She lives in New York City. She’s earned bachelors and masters degree in dance and has even taught on the university level. She’s following her dream. I really respect that. I appreciated her letting me portray her in oil paint. I wanted something with motion in it.  I think it worked.

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April 24, 2013

Christine @ 10:36 pm #

I love this. Love Carly too. :)

Carly Berrett @ 10:51 pm #

Love it! Wonderful job Tom.

Susie @ 11:00 pm #

It definitely worked! The motion is amazing!! The colors and shadows in the folds of the fabric are just beautiful.

April 25, 2013

amy Hutchings @ 6:46 am #

wow Tom. She looks just like a Deco queen. What a lovely painting. The movement and graceful aspect surely resonate.

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