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I come from a big family full of musicians. I grew up hearing violins, violas and cellos. I even played the violin for a few years, but the rest of the family became professional musicians. I think I like being a professional artist much more, but I still love to hear the music. I wanted to show the grace of the musicians. To hold a violin and bow requires the most uncomfortable positions I’ve felt, and the other things involved are too much for me. I respect musicians a lot, though.

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March 19, 2015

Margaret Slack @ 2:09 pm #

Thank you so much for the beautiful artistic musicians performing. I really like it a lot.

Lauri @ 5:08 pm #

It seems like his sheet music is the only thing the cellist can see, he’s so focused. I love it!

April 9, 2015

Susie @ 4:58 pm #

Memories! I like the texture in the clothing and hair.

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