A few years ago my wife and I met my sister and her husband in Chicago. I remember walking down the street and having this view open up to us. I was overwhelmed by it’s grandeur.

I’ve tried to paint the feeling I had that day. I put the buildings high on the canvas with people below to give the appearance of how immense the buildings were. If you look to the right you see yellow light flowing over the city from the afternoon sun. The left sides of the buildings are purpled in shadow. I have used atmospheric perspective. The people closest are larger than the ones that are further away. There are small cars in the center. I’ve used linear perspective as the road is wide at the front and narrows as it goes to the rear. These things make it feel like there is depth in the painting.

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November 20, 2007

Margaret @ 1:40 pm #

I really enjoy “revisiting” Chicago as I look at your great art piece. It’s so exciting to know about atmospheric and linear perspective, for it certainly does give depth to your painting. It puts a person right in the picture looking up at those tall skyscrapers and at the busy streets.

Evelyn @ 1:57 pm #

Your paintings are beautiful. What a talent!

Christine @ 5:30 pm #

I love how you paint buildings. Yet another example of your beautiful citiscapes.

Todd Fiegel @ 10:11 pm #

I remember that picture well. And what I love about this painting is that it possesses a character that the photograph did not. Not just the immensity, but the essence of life, the living, breathing Chicago. Signed, The Sister’s Husband :-)

Jennifer @ 10:39 pm #

I agree with Todd. Those paintings done from photos do have what a picture cannot, more of the essence of what you feel when you are present.

November 21, 2007

Susie @ 8:38 pm #

I remember this trip well. It’s amazing to me that you could make me feel the same excitement several years later. As we walked around the city we were always looking up at the beautiful, tall buildings. I love the way you used that perspective to show what we were feeling at the time. Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane!

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