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As a kid I loved to visit my grandma’s house in Idaho Falls.  Her kitchen was right next to a window, and the sun would shine in on us as we ate breakfast.  I remember my little brother, Chuckie, always wore red and white striped pajamas.  This is how I remember him.

Notice the way I’ve portrayed the sunlight coming in from the window.  The pajamas are half shadow, half light.  Chuckie’s face is illuminated. and a a sliver of shadow is on the opposite side of his face.  The wall is yellow where the sunlight hits.  The table with everything on it is in shadow.

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June 17, 2008

Christine @ 6:49 am #

I think this painting is universal and could bring back childhood memories to anyone. I love how you used color to portray the light coming in from the window. It is easy to see exactly when this painting takes place, not only by the breakfast cereal but by the light in the room.

Jennifer @ 6:57 am #

This is a painting I haven’t seen for a long time, but I thought it was magic when you painted it, and still do!

Nicole @ 12:47 pm #

I forgot about this painting! It is so fun. I remember thinking you should turn it in to Kellogs!

Larraine @ 3:44 pm #

I love this! It’s nice to see it again, after so many years. Wow, it’s still just as amazing! It takes me right to Grandmuzzie’s kitchen.

June 18, 2008

Angie @ 7:31 am #

This painting is great. I always loved looking at it, and still do. It definitely has the morning feel from the great capture of the lighting. I can remember loving to look at the detail in the cereal box, the wallpaper, my dad’s face, the glass of milk, and my dad’s pajamas. Thanks so much for painting this for my dad. We have all loved it.

Margaret @ 10:53 pm #

Can you believe that the subject in this painting – done in Dec 1960 – is now the father of 10, grandfather of six with three more coming. Must have been the corn flakes! This picture is a classic in the Slack family and such a great painting.

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