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I had been at an art opening in Rising Sun, Indiana. It is a scenic little town on the shores of the Ohio River near Cincinnati. The show was over and my son and I were taking things across the street to my car. It had been raining. As we turned around and looked at the buildings, we were blown away by the beautiful reflections in the street! I knew I had to paint that scene.

The bright store front and street lights make yellow and white reflections. The reflections on the side of the building are strictly from the light coming out of the windows. Another interesting note is that you don’t see the top of the building on the side. The sky and the building are both dark, so all that is seen are the windows. Your mind puts in the roof line even though it isn’t visible. The lone car is waiting for someone to close up shop and to take it home.

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December 2, 2007

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December 2, 2007

Truckin Granny @ 9:18 pm #

That is FABULOUS! I absolutely love this one. It truly shows the beauty of the night with it’s shadows and the glistening of the light. Wow, it’s my favorite.

LaDawn W. @ 10:10 pm #


December 3, 2007

McKay Warnick @ 1:26 am #

Hey Tom. My favorites of all your pictures are ones like this with light reflecting off wet roads. If I were rich, I’d buy them all.

Christine @ 6:57 am #

I never noticed that you don’t see the top of the building on one side. That is a great illustration of how you paint what is there and not what you think should be there. I absolutely love the reflections on the street. It is a beautiful painting.

Larraine @ 1:29 pm #

When you paint with the wet reflection on the road… those are definitely among my very favorite of yours!!! I also love the dark side of the building!

December 4, 2007

Jennifer @ 9:37 am #

This is another example of how, as an artist, you must see things as they really are rather than what our minds think we see. I love the windows on the dark side of the building, the light from inside the store, and the reflections on the wet pavement.

December 10, 2007

Susie @ 11:24 am #

I think all of your fans–including me–love your reflection paintings, and this one is incredible! I have really enjoyed learning through your posts about how you create reflection. I always thought it was a mirror of the object, but there is so much more to it.

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