Clouding Over


Clouding Over.jpg

This is a street in downtown Rising Sun, Indiana. I’ve created a mood of an overcast day by using cool colors with a bluish tint. There is a feeling of depth because I have used linear perspective  – the buildings are larger at the left, then go smaller as you move to the right. There is atmospheric perspective because the closer objects are more detailed than the ones further back. You may notice the decor around the roof line on the closer building, along with the writing on it’s side. There is a yellow light inside. The light from light bulbs is generally yellow.

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February 8, 2008

Christine @ 8:28 am #

This is a gorgeous painting. It definitely has a mood. I love the light from inside the buildings shining out onto the street.

Jennifer @ 8:50 am #

Don’t you have another painting of this same subject, but at night? It would be cool to see the two side by side.

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