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I found out that my brother-in-law Clyde, has cancer and has only two weeks to two months to live.  He and his wife, Rene, were going to fly from Utah to visit their son’s family in Missouri. I just had to go see him and say goodbye.

My wife and I drove from Indiana. It was great to see our nephew’s family, but it was especially great to see Clyde. He has been in the family for twenty five years. He always has made me feel so good. He is a wonderful man. I told Clyde and Rene that I wanted to do a portrait. It was really all I could do for them. It was an emotional experience for me to paint them.

God Bless you, Clyde. Thanks for the wonderful times.

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February 25, 2008

Suzanne @ 6:49 pm #

Great job! I know the whole family will cherish this painting always.

Jennifer @ 6:54 pm #

What a beautiful tribute! It made me cry to read your commentary. What a blessing that you are able to share your gifts in a way that can be such a blessing to others. The painting turned out to be so amazing! You really captured the two of them!

Nicole @ 8:53 pm #

What a touching message! I think Uncle Clyde looks really awesome. You did such a great job.

Jan @ 10:51 pm #

This is a very special gift, Tom. I am sure that the family will treasure it forever.

February 26, 2008

Sarah @ 8:39 am #

I am so glad that you are willing to share your gift with others. Especially in this circumstance. This portrait will be so meaningful to the family. This is a great portrait. You captured both of them so well.

Christine @ 8:46 am #

This is a very good portrait. I am glad that you were able to share your talent in this way. Now, he will always be there with them. I appreciated your message.

Sherri @ 9:46 am #

Tom, what a loving and beautiful tribute to your brother-in-law and his family. The portrait is amazing and captures a spirit of love, joy and hopefulness – with only a touch of the sadness and pain this couple must feel. Once again you have demonstrated your incredible talent for portraying people “in the moment” – it’s like you paint a window into their soul so that the viewer gets a glimpse of the real person inside. It’s a beautiful work that, no doubt, will be cherished by your brother-in-law’s wife and family.

Susie @ 10:27 am #

I can’t think of a more touching tribute to Clyde. You were obviously full of emotion while painting. I think it is the most beautiful portrait you have ever done.

Chuck Slack @ 11:19 am #

A co-worker saw this picture while I was looking at it. She knew Clyde at a previous company. She thought highly of him.

Her name is Linda Cooper.

Larraine @ 2:40 pm #

Hi! I meant to comment sooner. I really love this portrait of Rene and Clyde. That’s going to be so special to Clyde, and all of his family after he is gone! I’ll have to send the link to Jake. He LOVES Rene – she was his boss when he did pizza deliveries after his mission.

James Vinton @ 4:11 pm #

Only you, as a painter, could give such a wonderful gift to a dear friend and relative. I have an aquantance who says “YA DONE GOOD!”

February 28, 2008

T.W.F. @ 9:54 pm #

It makes me think we need to spend a bit more time capturing those people we love in our memories a little more often. What a wonderful supportive gift.

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