I’ve always loved cars.  As a kid I used to get the brochures from car dealers or cut out auto advertisements from magazines.  I spent hours and hours trying to draw them.  Now, decades later, I still love to draw and paint them.  If you look at my cityscapes you’ll always find them in the scene.

My favorite painting technique is to look for shapes of color or value rather than trying to do the whole thing.  I’ll see the window at the side which is white.  Then I’ll see sections on the hood that are the same color.  I’ll paint those in.  Parts of the car will have a very deep red, then others will have almost an orange color.  I paint the shapes the colors I see, and all of a sudden, the puzzle is put together.  It is a believable automobile.  I don’t blend the colors together, I just paint the individual shapes the colors they are, and put the next color right next to them.  It works great.  Try it!

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May 14, 2008

Margaret @ 6:40 pm #

That’s a beautiful car! You are such a great car-artist anyway. Explaining how you achieve such a great finished painting is so amazing.

Jennifer @ 8:18 pm #

I think your car paintings are great!

May 16, 2008

Jan @ 12:45 am #

Love it…Reminds me of the 1960s, Prom nights, and picnics to the shore of the Great Salt Lake. Happy, fond memories of good friends.

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