Cornstalks and Morning Glory


Cornstalks and Morning Glory.jpg

I live in the metro Indianapolis, Indiana area.  I love it here, because I’m fifteen minutes from downtown, and five minutes away from the farms.  If I’m stressed out I can jump in the car and drive though the corn fields.  Somehow they are very relaxing to me.

Sometimes I see interesting things while I’m there.  One day I noticed a morning glory vine wrapped around a cornstalk.  Normally I would think of morning glory as a pest, but with the beautiful purple blossoms, deep green leaves, and the intricate way the vine had woven itself around the stalk, I felt I had found a natural work of art.  I hope you like my painting.

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August 14, 2008

Christine @ 6:34 am #

I think it’s appropriate that you put the morning glory painting next to your Weeding painting. :) This is very pretty. It just looks like summer.

Jennifer @ 8:06 am #

I’ve said it before, but I think what makes great art is taking the ordinary and looking at it in a new way, and helping others see it in a new light. Beautiful!

Susie @ 10:48 am #

This is beautiful! How interesting that the weed I try so hard to get rid of in my yard can be a beautiful plant in a corn field. Maybe we should just plant corn instead of grass :-)

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