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February 21, 2010

Sarah @ 3:51 pm #

I don’t know how you make paint look just like water crashing on a shore. This is a beautiful example of how talented you really are.

Margaret @ 4:22 pm #

I always wondered how one paints waves on the ocean or large body of water. Your explanation is so informative. It’s hard to imagine the results you’re able to get with spashes or bits of paint here and there. Great picture!

A. Josie: @ 7:54 pm #

What a fun outing…and how beautiful the water and Norene! There’s nothing as wonderful as walking in bare feet as the water laps at your feet. And, Sand dunes are always fun to rollick in. (Did you do a paiting of them?) When we were kids (your Mom and I, and the rest of our family), used to go to the sand dunes in Idaho and have lots of fun. I don’t think they were as tall as those you played in, but to us, as kids, they seemed enormous!

I love your paintings! xo

February 22, 2010

Brad @ 1:50 am #

Great job on the painting and on your commentary.

Christine @ 8:45 am #

I love this painting so much! I love your videos too. They help me when I’m missing my daddy!

Shelly @ 4:46 pm #


I LOVE this painting….I also love the videos and and really feel like I learn something everytime I watch one! Please keep doing them!

(miss you guys)

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