David Owen is a friend of mine. We’ve spent a lot of time together doing art. He does great pastels, drawings and oil paintings. He does landscapes.

Recently I asked if I could do his portrait. I met him in his studio. I took photos of him from a lot of different angles – some with him standing next to his easel, others showing him painting. When I looked at all of the pictures, I felt more interested in a facial study than a typical portrait. That’s just what I did.

You’ll notice his face is turned slightly to the side and he is looking down. This is portrayed by having the forehead area much larger than the chin, and the right side  of his face is actually smaller in area than the left. His glasses show up below his eyes, not because he’s pushed them down his nose, but because of the view from above. Also notice the different planes of the face with a variety of color and values.

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October 23, 2011

Sarah @ 5:43 pm #

Very interesting composition and use of colors. As usual, a great portrait!

Angie @ 6:37 pm #

Looks great. You got it perfectly. I love his hair, shirt, and glasses the best.

Phyllis @ 7:08 pm #

Looks just like Dave. Another great painting Tom!!!

Margaret @ 8:34 pm #

Really impressive. I really like the pose and the treatment of his features. Good job!

Jennifer @ 9:51 pm #

Love the different take on a portrait. The colors are so interesting!

Dave @ 11:07 pm #

Thanks, Tom, for this portrait. Dot says it looks just like me. And I’m glad you found some brown in my hair that I haven’t been able to find for some time. I like the composition very much.

October 24, 2011

Susie @ 11:24 am #

Your skill at painting skin and facial features is incredible!

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