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When I was a ten-year-old kid, my family went with my grandparents to visit Arches National Monument.  (It is now Arches National Park)  I was fascinated by the huge sandstone formations and giant rocks.  I loved climbing all over them.  I felt like I was in in a fairyland.  Later on in my life I’ve traveled there and have felt the same magic.

This is Delicate Arch.  If you ever make it  to Arches you should take the hike to see it.  It is really awe inspiring.

I have used complimentary colors as I painted the blue sky versus the red sandstone.  There is atmospheric perspective as you look at the background and see the bluish mountain range in the distance.  Also notice the many shades of red in the arch and the rock ground beneath it.

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August 5, 2008

Christine @ 7:35 am #

I like everything about this painting, the beautiful arches, the overcast sky…it is a reminder of the wonders that nature has for us.

Larraine @ 1:16 pm #

Yay Utah! Yay Tom! I’ve never seen this one, and it’s AMAZING!!!

Barb @ 7:32 pm #

Tom, you did an outstanding job of portraying this beautiful place that means so much to all of us. It’s almost as if we had just come round the corner after such a varied hike to have our breath taken away by the magnificent arch, and then would make our way across the circular bands of sandstone until we would actually be there at the base of the arch ourselves, gazing up at this huge and delicate sculpture of nature. You’ve brought the memories back, and in your painting, have brought the arch and its surroundings to life in all their glory. Bravo!

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