Do It For Yourself


Quite often I realize I’m trying to do artwork to impress someone else. I wonder what other artists might think, or if I would be able to impress the judge of a juried art show. The problem with this is I lose the enjoyment of doing my art.

Today I felt like doing a quick pastel sketch of my wife. I just let it go and used whatever colors and values I felt like. I thought it was fun. Who cares what anybody else thinks?

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November 29, 2011

Dianne Montgomery @ 6:20 pm #

I loved the colors you used on Norene’s portrait!

Margaret @ 8:54 pm #

I like it! That’s such a fun colored drawing.

Angie @ 11:33 pm #

I love your story. That happens to all of us, and it sure takes the fun out when we do things to impress other people instead of what we love. I’m glad you did this portrait. It has a lot of character to it. I think it is fun with all the bright colors and the beautiful facial features.

November 30, 2011

Tom Slack @ 12:52 am #

@Angie: Angie, you are such a sweetie. I miss you.

Teri @ 12:23 pm #

Tom..I think the pastel of Norene is fun and quite specialized in its use…I think it would look so striking in a room painted the primary pastel you used. Since the younger generation bends toward all different colors in their homes it would be so nice to gift it to one of your kids for a special touch of “grammy” in their place….a picture of her done by “grampa”! Sending kind regards on this sunny day in Az.~I see by watching The Weather Channel you guys had a bit of snow in the last couple of days…enjoy!

Tom Slack @ 2:13 pm #

@Teri: Teri, so glad to hear from you again! Yes, it’s a bit cold right now. I’ll be back intouch.

December 6, 2011

Christine @ 12:50 pm #

Of course I love this and especially the message of your post.

December 8, 2011

Susie @ 11:46 am #

Great use of color on this! How nice to be able to do what you feel. It turned out great!

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