Downtown Parking


I love doing cityscapes!  I love painting cars!  This painting shows atmospheric and linear perspective.  The atmospheric perspective is shown by having a big car nearest us with detail while the cars further away are smaller and less detailed.  The same is true with the streetlights and trees.  The linear perspective is shown because the street is wider at the front and goes narrower the further you go.  Both types give depth to the painting.

Another technique used is reflected light.  Look at the left side of the large white car.  It has a pink glow on it from the road.  Further ahead you’ll see some yellow windows in some of the vehicles.  That is reflection from trees.  Notice the road is painted deeper red in the shade, but a yellow shade in the sunlight.

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April 12, 2009

Christine Roach @ 7:26 pm #

I really like this one. Is it new?

April 13, 2009

Margaret @ 10:43 am #

You certainly are a “car” artist. You’ve always been fascinated with cars and how great that you are able to convey that fascination in your great paintings. I remember the Toyota stuffed full of little Slacks!

Elaine @ 12:17 pm #

Your story in the email you sent about this reminded me of my trip to Utah and when Will drove us to see BYU’s campus–we piled so many people into his car… Sarah sat on Jeremy’s lap, I sat on James’ lap and Melissa was laying across us all. Great painting, by the way. I love your work!

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