Driving on Main Street


This painting is from a show I did about Madison, Indiana. It shows the view from inside a car while driving down the road. The main technique in the painting is atmospheric perspective when looking at the vehicles and the buildings. The closer ones are painted larger than the ones further away, and the detail is stronger with the closer objects.

I want to point out the two stop lights. I haven’t painted the cable holding them up. Your eye puts it in for you. This painting really makes you a participant in the scene.

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April 1, 2010

Christine @ 9:52 am #

That is very interesting about the stoplights. I would never have noticed. I always was fascinated with the views out of the car windows too, and I think it’s fun you did a painting from that perspective.

Margaret @ 3:41 pm #

You’re the Car Man for sure! I love your paintings that have cars in them. The stop signs with no cables – who would have noticed? The picture is so interesting.

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