After much too long in our history, it it time for all humans to be equal.  The predjudices of the past need to be discarded.  We are all important.  Our mothers looked at us all as perfect beings when they first looked upon us, and we are the same now.  We must love our brothers and sisters, no matter what our background is, while at the same time, we should rejoice in the richness of the cultures of each individual group.

This is Eugene.  He is one of the most intelligent and talented men I have ever met.  He is very happy and comfortable with his own culture, but fits in well with the rest of the world.  I asked him if I could do his portrait because I wanted to portray an African American man who is happy and comfortable with who he is.

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July 16, 2008

Margaret @ 8:12 pm #

Tell Eugene he is a very good looking fellow and I really appreciate the great portrait you have painted of your friend. The details of his hair and of his clothing are so well done. Congratulations!

Larraine @ 8:59 pm #

This is one of your BEST portraits!

Jan @ 10:23 pm #

That is a very touching story, Tom. Beautiful portrait.

July 17, 2008

Christine @ 6:05 am #

I absolutely love this portrait. It is so good.

Evelyn @ 9:11 am #

Way to go!

July 20, 2008

Jennifer @ 12:08 pm #

I love this portrait, not only for the wonderful job you did on the portrait itself, but also for the setting he was painted in. The background gives him a raw, strong edge and gives a hint to his personality.

Mary @ 12:52 pm #

Tom, Your story about you and your Father brought tears to my eyes. It reminded me of my Father who never saw a stanger, loved all people and truly never saw color. He died when I was sixteen and I have never forgoten how he loved life. In many ways, although he never painted a picture, he was the true artist for the way he saw the world around him.

I love your Blog! See you in class. Mary

July 24, 2008

Eugene @ 8:31 pm #

This is GREAT!!!! I love it Tom and am going to show my mother,,,I know she will be happy to see this. And thank you for the comments in the article, right on point.

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