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Finished WorkThis is the finished work of my nighttime car painting.  You saw the progression from Work in Progress 1 to Work in Progress 2.  This one actually changed because I moved the buildings on the right further towards the center of the painting.  You’ll notice windows.  The building in the center emphasizes the linear perspective as the lines move to the left.  I’ve worked more on the cars, the lights and a few people.  I’d like to mention that I was more interested in creating a “feeling” than a representation.

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March 14, 2009

Jennifer @ 8:12 am #

Great job! It’s fun to see a cityscape! Very warm colors.

Susie @ 9:38 am #

I looked back to see this painting in progress and it’s amazing to see what you have done. I like the way you added the building in the center. The details – cars, lights, people – really add interest. I would love to take a walk down this street for a night out on the town.

March 22, 2009

Michelle Stack @ 12:49 pm #

This one is AWESOME! I love the golden colors.

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