First Annual Self-Portrait


My wife suggested I be like Frida Kahlo or Rembrandt and start the tradition of doing my self-portrait every January. Here’s the 2012 version.

When I was in art school we studied facial structure, even human skulls. I use this knowledge in my portraiture. It helps to know where cheekbones and eye sockets go.

I always try to paint the exact color I’m looking at. At first it looks strange, but as the picture comes together it seems correct.

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January 2, 2012

Nicole @ 4:36 pm #

That is just amazing. It looks just like you and has your spirit and your personality in it. I love it so very much!

Sarah @ 4:47 pm #

This. is. amazing. That is you. You captured your smile and that happy twinkle in your eye. Love it!

Dave @ 4:48 pm #

Hi, Tom. What a good idea. I like it that you’re smiling more on this one. May that be predicting a very good New Year!

Jared @ 4:59 pm #


LaDawn @ 5:24 pm #

This is fabulous!! So handsome!

Phyllis @ 5:30 pm #

Hey! I know that guy!! You’ve even got that twinkle in your eye perfect.
Happy New Year!!

Donna @ 6:31 pm #

Yep- that’s you all over. Great likeness- thanks for sharing and happy new year!

Teri @ 6:52 pm #

Very much similar to the cousin I saw some time ago…looking very well, Tom~hope your 2012 is blessed richly and you paint lots and lots with ideas that are amazing to even you!!!

Jennifer @ 9:38 pm #

I LOVE this one!!! It’s perfect.

Angie @ 9:42 pm #

Nice work! I look forward to many more self portraits of you as the years go on. Good idea.

January 3, 2012

Christine @ 12:53 pm #

I loved your other self portrait in the flannel shirt, but this one shows my daddy’s personality better. I think it is excellent.

January 4, 2012

Margaret @ 12:25 am #

What an incredible portrait, Tommy. I continue to be so amazed at the way your pictures evolve from a few lines. Certainly one of your very best pictures!!

January 9, 2012

Susie @ 12:20 pm #

Now that’s a great portrait! Amazing that you can paint yourself and have it look just like you.

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