Flowers and Bridge



This painting is at the Cataract Falls State Recreation Area in Indiana. I wanted to do a painting of the covered bridge there, but found the wildflowers more interesting. I still got the bridge, but it is the background and the flowers are the main subject. I have used atmospheric perspective to give depth to the picture. The flowers are on top, making them look the closest. They are also more detailed and sharp and have brighter colors than the bridge or the trees behind them. The flow of the stems is as important as the blossoms. There is contrast between the yellow petals and the red barn, as well as the stems against the dark background.

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October 28, 2012

Susie @ 10:42 am #

You really captured the way that sunflowers reach out to the light. I think they are the most fascinating flowers. I love the way you have the bridge in the background. Nice contrast and colors.

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