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My wife and I went on a trip to Britain.  We travelled the whole island.  On the last full day we were at Dover.  We went to a pub for lunch.  On a countertop was a brochure with a Renoir painting on it.  I love Renoir, so I grabbed it.  It advertised a round-trip ticket on the hovercraft from Dover to Calais in France.  I hadn’t been to France.  When I saw the price, I  was sold.  It was 8 pounds.  We hurried to the port and bought tickets.  Unfortunately, my mother fell down and broke her kneecap.  Still, she wanted to go.  This picture shows Mom sitting with her sore leg straight out.  She and Norene are eating pastries.  We were waiting in the glass enclosed bus stop.

Note the reflected light on the side of Norene’s face.  Norene and the gentleman by her only have one leg visible.  That is because the others are in shadow.  There is no detail on his face.   Your mind fills it in.  There is a reflection of a car  which gives the illusion of glass behind them.

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September 3, 2008

Margaret @ 6:54 pm #

How interesting that you would feature this painting today since it was on that trip that I celebrated my 50th wedding anniversary, and today is the 62nd anniversary of my wedding, ‘tho my sweetheart died 18 years ago. Your painting certainly brings back remembrances of that wonderful vacation, despite the trip to Calais with my broken patella! Thanks for the memories!

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