Fun in Europe


I love Europe. The architecture is fantastic, the art museums are fabulous, and I really enjoy talking to the people there. Probably the thing I like most is walking past sidewalk cafes. It is so much fun to see the people sitting there, eating and talking. Each little cafe has its own atmosphere. I’ve enjoyed painting some of those scenes.

Sidewalk cafe.jpg

This is a cafe in Stockholm. I’ve tried to portray the relaxed feeling of the customers as well as the friendliness of the waitress. The people up close are detailed, while the ones further back don’t have the same coloring or shading. Notice the different skin tones on the three people up close, as well as the light and shadows.


This scene is from Montmatre in Paris. I’ve concentrated more on trying to develop personality in the subject’s faces. You can imagine what they may be thinking or saying. In the bottom left corner I’ve painted three people in their own intimate group, while the other two are leaning close together for their private gossip. The top left shows someone in a doorway and to the far right are more customers. If you go to Montmatre you know that many tourists are walking past these people as they sit. Maybe they are what the subjects are talking about.

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November 10, 2007

Margaret @ 10:04 am #

I am drawn to the Montmatre grouping, particularly the girl with the dark hair who is the center of the grouping. It is such fun to imagine her conversation as well as the thoughts of the couple who apparently are more interested in the passing tourists. This is an excellent portrayal of the different personalities. Great job, Tom!

Fridas Eyebrow @ 11:10 am #

I love the light and shadow in the top painting…esp the man with his back to us…the left side of his shirt, his ears…fantasitic! Of course the others a very impressive as well…but the side of my brain that does not work so well is boggled by the plaid shirt and the light on his shoulder ( I know it’s just lighter paint) but the thought is impressive.

Larraine @ 12:08 pm #

I LOVE the VERY warm skin tones in the first one. You do people SO GREAT!!!

Jan @ 12:32 pm #

Tom, you have the ability to make the observer feel like he or she is not intruding on someone else’s joy – sort of like looking through the window of someone else’s life through your art.

November 11, 2007

Christine @ 2:00 pm #

I have always been fascinated at the color combinations you use and then magically beautiful skin tones appear. That is amazing. It’s definitely not like when you get the peach, tan or brown crayon and color in the skin…like I do :) .

Jennifer @ 3:03 pm #

I find the two totally different moods of the two paintings to be very interesting. The warmth of the first invites you in and makes you want to join the experience, while the second is one that you feel you are watching from more of a distance. The groupings are private and intimate affairs that their members want to keep that way.

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