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My wife and I were in Germany to visit our daughter’s family. We planned to do some touring in Europe. As part of the trip, we went to Stockholm, Sweden, where our son-in-law ran in the Stockholm marathon. We spent five fantastic days there. We didn’t know anything about the place , but after our Swedish experience, we fell madly in love with Stockholm.

Gamla Stan is the old town part of Stockholm. You move down narrow walkways between five and six story tall buildings, each painted in beautiful colors. They all have very interesting shops and restaurants. At the end of this particular street is a very pretty church. I was so impressed when I saw it. It was framed by the buildings on both sides. It was a fantastic view. I had to paint it. Notice the open window in the upper left part of the painting. People would use their windows as mirrors to see what was going on down the street.

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January 24, 2008

Christine @ 8:20 am #

I have always thought this painting was so pretty and really showed what it is like in Gamla Stan. I think that you have a great talent of finding interesting views of an area to paint.

Nicole @ 11:14 am #

That is really interesting how they would use their windows to see what was going down the street. I never noticed that window before. Very nice.

Jennifer @ 11:44 am #

I love this painting!!! It’s one of my favorite city scapes that you have done. The colors are so vibrant and you want to walk right into the painting and see what is going on around the corner.

February 3, 2008

Susie @ 2:32 pm #

You captured the feeling that a tourist has of walking through narrow streets in European cities. You are intrigued by what you see along the street, and then, all of a sudden, you see an incredible view at the other end. This painting takes my breath away. Magnificent!

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