Gold N Treasures


gold-n-treasuresThis is another painting featured in my one-man show in Madison, Indiana.  It is a scene on the main street in town.  I was trying to portray  what a sunny summer day looks like.  To add interest I have a tree in the foreground with sunlight shining through it’s leaves.

The cars and trucks drive by.  Notice how simply I have painted them.  I leave a lot to the viewer’s imagination, but your mind fills in the blanks.  I’ve got reflections of the sky in the building windows.  Little spots of colors are placed carefully to portray the driver of the truck, the person walking down the street, and an individual leaning against a doorway.  Also notice the highlights on the tops of the cars which is done with white paint.

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February 9, 2010

Jennifer @ 10:58 pm #

This is going to be a fun show!

February 16, 2010

Susie @ 3:07 pm #

I love this painting SO much! You did an amazing job on the tree bark. The colors are so nice, too. Wonderful job on this. I’ll bet it won’t hang around long!

Margaret @ 4:20 pm #

This is one of my favorites, particularly the treatment of the tree trunk – quite amazing!

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