Gondolas 008

Venice is called by some “The Most Romantic City in the World.” Instead of regular streets, people travel by boats on the canals. I’ve tried to portray the glow of the sunlight on the water at twilight. The gondolas are backlit, so they appear as silhouettes. Shadows are blue. The city is in shadow. There is atmospheric perspective because the closest boat is larger than the smaller ones. The boats are sharply portrayed, but the city is not as distinct.

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October 9, 2014

Jennifer @ 6:12 am #

This is stunning!!

November 22, 2014

Sarah @ 10:04 am #

This might be my favorite painting you have finished. I love the mood and can see myself on the Grand Canal in my own gondola.

January 6, 2015

Susie @ 4:23 pm #

Your paintings often make me want to climb inside. This is one of them. I can almost feel the motion of the gondolas.

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