Greek Town, Detroit


I wanted to paint something in the downtown Detroit area. I went to Greek Town. It has a lot of ethnic Greek establishments. There were Greek and American flags hanging over the street. Music was playing. It smelled great.

Pickup and Delivery.jpg

I got there early  in the afternoon. I did the painting with backlighting. This way the persons near the truck appear as silhouettes and the flags appear as light is showing through them. I used perspective so it looks like you can walk right down the street. These techniques give a magic or romantic feeling to the painting. I also suggest using a car or a person in a painting to add interest. You might have a very well painted scene, but without the car or person (or dog, horse, bird, etc) the scene is boring. The addition of these things adds interest.

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October 17, 2007

Susan Fiegel @ 1:13 am #

I guess that’s why I am so attracted to this painting. I feel the sense of wanting to walk into it and hang out there. You really know how to capture a certain feeling in your art.

Phyllis Strodtman @ 7:49 pm #

The painting looks wonderful Tom!! I cann’t wait to see it!
I’ll talk to ya next week at class

October 18, 2007

Jan @ 3:01 am #

Tom, this depiction reminds me of Old Town Park City, Utah. Many Greeks came here to be miners in the early 1900′s and settled in Park City. They brought their rich heritage to our beautiful State. This is a stunning art piece, Tom. You are truly a Master of your craft.

Fridas Eyebrow @ 2:11 pm #

I love loVE LOVE this! I can almost smell the Moussaka!

October 22, 2007

Christine @ 4:04 pm #

I really like this painting. It definitely has that ethnic feeling to it. I love the flags and the signs on the building.

October 24, 2007

The Greek town painting is Gorgeous! I’m in love with the tree! Your people are great – just light and shadow! I’d love to leave you some wonderful artistic comment – but I’m just a kid still! (That sucks my thumb!)

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