If you want to see what a real “Tom Slack” painting is like, this is it.  I’m so very interested in figurative painting, as well as cityscapes.  I love the human form.  In college I spent many hours painting nude models, and frankly, I was bored to death with them.  I am much more interested in portraying clothes on a person  –  the folds of the fabric, the patterns, the shadows and light.

I had been in downtown Indianapolis and saw a group of girls standing together with big handbags hanging from behind them.  I was fascinated by the scene.  I thought it would be interesting to have different hairstyles, clothes, and styles of handbags.  The view from the back is interesting to me, because they all have a different gesture.  People are so interesting!

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July 13, 2008

Jan @ 8:40 pm #

Tom, Sometimes when you give personal commentaries about your Art School experience, I laugh out loud as I read your stories.

I love large handbags and so do all my daughters! This is a great depiction of a woman who can’t leave home without the kitchen sink… as my mother would aptly remark sometimes. I have now inherited all of her large handbags and I love them too.

I like the different hairstyles and shades of Levi’s that you have incorporated. Love this painting, Tom.

Jennifer @ 9:29 pm #

The girl that is second from the left is my favorite figure. The painting turned out great! I love the different colors and types of handbags, and it makes you wonder what type of person would own each one.

Nicole @ 9:34 pm #

What a fun painting. It would be cool to see it in person.

Larraine @ 10:15 pm #

Wow – that turned out so great! The long hair is so pretty (reminds me of Christine!) I really love it.

July 14, 2008

Christine @ 7:58 am #

This is such a fun painting. It makes me happy when I look at it.

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