Hanging Out


hanging-outWhen I was about five years old I started copying faces from the Beetle Bailey cartoon strip in the Sunday funnies.  That got me started.  From then until now I’ve enjoyed drawing faces, especially of bearded men and women who wear hats.

Last year I was walking down the street in Madison, Indiana, when all of a sudden I saw inside the window of a restaurant a gentleman with the greatest beard, and sitting next to him was a lady with a hat!  I had to go inside to ask if I could take their picture!

It just so happened that the man was a musician, Roy Gentry, and the lady, Patty Wells, was a well known artist in the area.

From this meeting I’ve had the opportunity to be in several art exhibits in the area.  I’ll have a one-man show at Joeyg’s in Madison from February 10 until March 9.  This painting will be hanging there.

You see both Roy and Patty on a night when he was going to perform.  I was so excited to paint this that I completed it in about three hours.  Usually I take a week or two.

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January 16, 2010

Christine @ 7:15 pm #

This one must be new. I can tell who the subjects are from your other paintings. I like it. This painting definitely has a fun atmosphere.

January 23, 2010

Barb Ison @ 6:42 pm #

You chose two lovely, artistic people and you handled the piece art in a most gracious way. I love it !! Patty and I are friends and I admire Roy for his music talent and the tales he can tell. What I life both have had…I was Patty’s high school art teacher but she inspired me more that I did her..Love art!! Keep on working and sharing..Barb Ison

February 3, 2010

Susie @ 10:29 am #

It makes me want to go to Joeyg’s and meet these two!

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