Helping Grandpa Fish


helpinggrandpafishI went fishing in a farm pond recently. While I tried to concentrate on catching something, my two grandchildren were hanging on my legs, jabbering away at me, asking if they could fish, if I could get them a worm on their hook, and telling me it was their turn to fish.

There are some painting techniques I wanted to mention. First, there is definite atmospheric perspective. You can see depth because the weeds are painted over the top of my grandson. This gives the illusion that the weeds are in front of him, while my granddaughter is painted on top of some other weeds. They look further away than she is.

The lake looks wet. It reflects the sky. I have painted a mirror image of the trees that are above the shore directly below. If you look at the clothes you can see shadows and highlights and some wrinkles. This keeps the objects from looking flat. There is dimension to them.

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October 3, 2009

Christine @ 9:36 pm #

That is such a cute painting. It makes me nostalgic.

Jennifer @ 10:27 pm #

I love the atmosphere, especially the lake and grass. Ashley really likes how Rachel turned out.

October 4, 2009

Elaine @ 5:38 pm #

I love it!!!

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